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E-commerce is easy. It is simply the ability to conduct real-time,on-line secure transactions on the Internet. E-commerce allows you to use a Web Site, not just for promotional purposes, but to generate income from selling products and services. It provides new and exciting opportunities to reach the global market and to trade on-line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With the continuing explosion in the use of the Internet, Industry pundits are predicting a global e-commerce boom. Recent figures suggest A survey by search engine giant Google has found that Britons with internet access now spend more time surfing the web than watching the box.The average web user now spends 164 minutes online each day, equal to more than 41 days per year, compared to 148 minutes or 37 days for TV viewers.

Government statistics show that 64% of British adults regularly go online.

Customers will do more shopping on-line. This is an opportunity no business can afford to ignore. Depending on your objectives, the proven benefits of e-commerce can be enormous.

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