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Search Engine Placement and Fabweb

Dear Sir / Madam
Email received from Caroline PR Consultant SHH Design:
Dear all

Jan 06 saw our highest ever level of visitors by a long way - 2987.  This is over 700 higher than our previous total (Daz - fabweb fabwork mate!) and is the first time we have neared the 3000 mark

Great stuff!


If you have an internet presences please take the time to read this letter.
Does you internet presence generate the new sales and new clients you hoped it would?

Fabweb offers a complete search engine placement service, tailoring your site for best search placement optimisation and entering your site into engines and directories.  We currently work for a number of other companies, over a number of differing industries, from interior design, architects, architectural salvage, branding agencies, product design companies,concrete flooring contractors to the oil and gas industry. Our ranking for these companies is prove that fabweb's SEO techniques work.

At Fabweb we endeavour to maximise your key services and goods offered via your website.  Your website should become a very important marketing tool which attracts new potential customers in an ever increasing internet market. 

We work not only on the target keywords but on your title phrases from both your first line pages as well as placement for all your web pages with titles phrases, maximising all round potential points of sale to new and existing customers looking for those services via the web.  To achieve a successfully high ranking website many tasks are adopted, continued research and development on such topics as link popularity, link partners and worldwide entry in search engines and directories. 
If you would like to discuss our services or would like a testimonial from one of our clients, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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Search engine placement , seo, web ranking, SEP


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